What, then, is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know (Saint Augustine).


Man has always wondered about time, its nature and implications. The exhibition Time Matters expresses such questions through works by Maarten Baas, Nacho Carbonell, mischer’traxler, Sander Mulder, Humans since 1982 and others. The exhibits, displayed in six sections (Change, Personal, Valuable, Now, Tangible, Measurable), range between art and design, show the contradictions of the contemporary world, highlight the limits of human limitedness and, as a whole, they provide inspiration to live through history with confidence, reasoning and awareness. The visitors are invited to leave on a journey with andthrough time in the different sections.


The exhibition is co-produced by Cube Design Museum and IMF Foundation. Concept & Composition: Gene Bertrand & Wouter van Dillen (Cube Design Museum) and Elisabetta Pisu.


Venue: Cube design museum 1 June 2020 – 3 January, 2021




photo: Ruud Balk