Sound and Matter in Design
Design Museum Holon, Israel


Sound and Matter in Design investigates the relationship between sound and design and how shapes, environments and daily experiences are influenced by sound. The exhibition presents over 50 objects (Seeing Sound) designed from the Sixties up to now, organized in three sections (Fixed, Mobile and Interactive objects) so as to show the evolution of the technological processes related to sound and to show how these processes influence the world of design and our daily life. On display, sound diffusers conceived by great designers of the past and the present: Castiglioni, Zanuso, Starck and Ross Lovegrove; innovative and experimental projects as the musical instrument “Ototo”, devised by famous sound designer Yuri Suzuki, that combines the functions of a synthesizer with those of a sampler.

The exhibition is co-produced by Design Museum Holon and IMF Foundation.

Curators: Lila Chitayat, Anat Safran, Elisabetta Pisu.

Venue: Design Museum Holon, June 29 – October 28, 2017

-photo: Shay Ben Efraim