Il Gusto del Design Italiano
Bonaldo flagship store, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


The exhibition that unveils design evolution in the kitchen and celebrates Italian brilliance and creativity. 53 exhibits explore the bond between Made in Italy design and food culture through an historical journey unfolding from the Thirties to the present, featuring some of the most representative designers, brands and objects. On display iconic pieces that shaped the history of food preparation and presentation and are still indissolubly tied to the collective rituals related to the kitchen table. Also among the exhibits, works that marked a technological and social evolution. The exhibition sheds light on innovative solutions and, above all, on design as representative of an era, of changing habits, values and meanings. Within such evolution, in the Nineties Italian design revisited small appliances as espresso machines, toasters and blenders, and launched on the national market such objects originally belonging to other cultures as the kettle. From small accessories designed for the mise en place to professional kitchen tools, each exhibits reveals the craftsmanship and the sense of form so typical of Italian design – a design that combines functionality, aesthetic, technological innovation and beauty.

Along with the display of design objects, Il gusto del design italiano presents an excursus on the history and evolution of the kitchen in Italy, starting with prototype-symbols as the Domus Nova designed by Gio Ponti and Emilio Lancia in the Thirties up to the projects part of the historical exhibition Italy: The New Domestic Landscape held at New York MoMA in 1972.

Production and organisation by IMF Foundation and EP studio in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Tashkent.

Concept and curatorship by Elisabetta Pisu

Venue: Bonaldo flagship store, 24 May – 24 June 2024