Design the Sound
Tianjin Design Week, China


Shaping the music between East and West

If anyone asks, what is the shape of music? The most accurate answer is: music is like water and it is shapeless. The shape of water, like any other liquid, depends on its container. By the way, music is more: its shape is reflected in the instruments that make it pleasing to the world, the places where people play, the places where vibrations reverberate, the musical scores that give it life and the scenes that appear in the eyes and minds of the audience. There is no limit on the arrangement and performance of music, which gives it thousands of shapes. Everything could be music. This exhibition explores the relationship between music and design in the context of Chinese and Western cultures and their respective philosophy, traditions and emotions. Music is the most intangible form of art, but it can only be vocalized through physical structures. Please, from the special perspective of music, go and explore the differences between the history of East and West, the differences between cultures, relationships, and the influence on each other.

The exhibition is organized in 5 sections: Play music, The Music show, Music and Design, Design sound, Music to see.

The exhibition is an Od’A Officina d’Architettura production.
Curators: Giovanni Aurino, Alessandra Fasanaro, Bruno Discepolo, Massimiliano Campi, Paolo Colantuoni, Elisabetta Pisu.

Venue: TDW2018 – TIANJIN DESIGN WEEK, BeiNing Park Tianjin, China, May 14-20, 2018